Tam O <br> Long Puffet
Tam O <br> Long Puffet
Tam O <br> Long Puffet

Tam O
Long Puffet

Chen ZhiYi
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This uniquely shaped Puffet will perfectly complement your front room or porch to provide comfort and style to your interior but can also be used in a professional way if you want to add some class to your business' waiting room.


Length 80cm
Width 40cm
Height 37cm
Seat Height 37cm
Weight 8.1kg
Material 100% Polyester *
Box size 84x43x40cm

* Some of the products are made with 5-10% Nylon depending on the colour.


Fabric comes in all of the following colours : 808 (All) / HE492 (All) / HE507 (All) / HE512 (All) / A652 (All) / XBD025-18 / A603T (All) 

Long Practical Puffet